3D Greetings Cards

On the day of my graduation, on the inside of my dress I wore a little hand stitched lavender bag. The importance of this was that my Auntie who has very bad eye sight made it for me herself, which I thought was amazing what with her disability. And what was so special bout it was the fact that the lavender had come from my grannies garden. Lavender was my grannies favourite scent and one of her favourite flowers, so has become sentimental to all the women in my family. I wore the lavender bag on my left side, so that it was close to my heart and I knew my Granny would be with me on that special day.

lavender bag

As well as the lavender teabags for my Auntie, I treated myself to a dainty little lavender bag in the shape of a heart, which was also hand made. In the past I have made my own very similar to this, as sewing is another craft I enjoy, but since my visit to the lavender farm I have become inspired to take this up more often and create my own little hand stitched gifts.

lavender gifts

So as a thank you to my Auntie, I wanted to make her a home made card, but something a little bit different. With the use of an old plain egg carton, which I painted, I was able to make a thank you card with a 3D teacup in order to hold one of the lavender and camomile teabags I bought from the lavender farm. This was a very simple card to make but turned out to be very effective. I have always  had a love for collage and home made crafts, so I hope to pursue further ideas such as this and other illustrated greetings cards. If you are interested in what I do or have any requests or questions please feel free to message me about commissions.

teabag card3 teabag card teabag card2


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