Changes and Adaptations

It’s been a little while since I created these other three version of the Fidel The Musical poster, but I thought I’d share them rather late than never so the changes and adaptations can be seen, according to what the client asked. Unfortunately the client did not agree with or perhaps understand my original concepts I put in place with the Fidel The Musical posters, so I have created a few more adaptations considering the comments and feedback I received. I felt my original poster design had much more meaning behind the imagery, by including the American and Cuban flags merging together to represent the Cuban revolution and its relationship with the USA, however the client felt that most people would not even know what the Cuban flag looked like. With this being said, I backed up my reasons and made a point that Illustration is not only to create pretty looking images but it is to also educate an audience and communicate meaning. Therefore my flag designs would be doing this exactly. However the client still wanted to push for a different approach which resulted in losing the flag concept completely and instead using a collaged background of imagery relating to Cuban culture and the revolution, such as music, dancing and military weapons. In my opinion I don’t think the adapted versions work as well and don’t portray what the musical is about as much as the original designs did, but I have worked to what the client wanted. What do you think??

Collaged stripes yellow landscape copy

Blue Yellow


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