Final Design

After many changes and adaptations, my Fidel poster has taken one last leap to make it the best from all the versions I have created. After being willing to change my original ideas quite dramatically in order to please the client, it turns out we ended up going back to the original concept.

The feedback that I received from my three most popular designs, was that actually the collaged flag background worked very well and was a clever interpretation. It was then said that the version with the collaged imagery relating to Cuban culture made the poster far too busy and overcrowded. Some comments were also made about the text and the emphasis on the word ‘Musical’ as this was quite small in comparison to the rest of the title. So back to the drawing board I went making changes to the background once again, keeping in a few of the Cuban culture images such as the 50’s car and musical instruments. But I made sure to only include a few, keeping it much simpler so that the emphasis is on the portrait of Fidel and the flag concept. I then also made the adjustments to the text along the top of the Cuban flag, making this much easier to read, and made sure to keep the red triangle with the star emblem of the Cuban flag as this is such an iconic feature, like the stars of the American flag.


So here we have my final poster design for Fidel The Musical, and hopefully after all the effort and hard work I put into this I may have a good chance in the poster design competition.


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