Feminism and Equality

Recently I have been collaborating with a magazine Journalism student from Southampton Solent University, who is creating a magazine about feminism and equality for her FMP. Putting my illustrations to good use, I have created a small series of illustrations, using watercolours, to be included across her articles.

Firstly, we began with a full feature page illustration to go alongside an article titled ‘Can you still be a feminist and watch porn?’ The idea for this piece was to create a strong looking, empowered woman, embracing her body, with all things typically feminine surround her. We felt the bunting was a nice touch in getting the message across.

Feminism Cover 1.jpg

Feminism Cover 2 (peach)

Feminism Cover 3

The third design is the one Ellie decided on to feature with the article.

The next was a smaller illustration for a feature on travel. Ellie wanted something original that everyone would relate to and understand. This was a universal kind of illustration, which literally involved the earth.

Globe with Text

Despite being smaller in size, this illustration challenged my use of typography. Again my client wanted the text to reflect the tone of the magazine, therefore I went for something quite sweet and girly looking, with a classic pink colour of course. Ellie then liked the typography I had come up with so much so, that she then asked me to recreate the same typography to spell out names of countries to be added to the feature also. Typography is not one of my strong areas as an Illustrator, however I am always up for a challenge and I think they came out rather well!Countries Type copy

And finally the most recent illustration I have created is for a feature based on interracial feminism and equality. Out of all the illustrations I have created for Ellie this one was my favourite. I think the imagery is very powerful and has great meaning, that once again anyone around the globe can relate to.



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